Masterclass Series: The Good, the Bad and the Outright Ugly Asset Recovery Strategies


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Our ‘The Good, the Bad and the Outright Ugly Asset Recovery Strategies’ webinar will take place on Thursday 17th June and is a part of our Masterclass series that covers the multi-jurisdictional A-Z of preventing, detecting and responding to financial crime.


Stephen Baker will be chairing this webinar alongside expert guest panelists Tara Archer-Glasgow of Higgs & Johnson in the Bahamas, Trevor Mascarenhas of PCB Byrne and Stephon Grey.


This webinar will focus on the importance of developing an effective investigative and asset recovery strategy from the outset and reaching out to the right people to help build such a strategy. It will also focus on what should be included in such a strategy and what skill sets are required to deliver it.

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