Fraud – A Jersey Perspective



A practical guide for legal practitioners to fraud proceedings in Jersey.

Investigating and pursuing serious and complex fraud claims is about staying ahead of the game. Most serious frauds will have an international element, whether in the substantive action or in asset recovery. It has therefore become increasingly important for fraud lawyers to have knowledge of offshore centres’ laws and procedures in freezing and tracing assets as well as possible substantive remedies.

Jersey has a legal system which provides proactive civil and criminal international co-operation in cases of suspected fraud. Jersey has its own systems of law which do not always mirror the English position. This guide by Baker & Partners gives you a practical overview of the legislation and procedures of the Jersey legal system. It provides practical advice to help identify the most appropriate solutions in cases involving fraud, asset recovery, the enforcement of foreign judgments and insolvency. It thus provides legal practitioners with an invaluable overview of the Jersey perspective on fraud claims in an easy format.

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