Cyril Whelan - Advocate

Cyril Whelan

Called to the English bar in 1979 and to the Jersey bar in 1982, Cyril spent 28 years as senior legal adviser in the Law Officers’ chambers in Jersey. He was appointed to the office of Crown Advocate immediately upon the creation of that office in 1987 and remains the Island’s Senior Crown Advocate.

As head of the Department within the Attorney General’s chambers responsible for Serious Crime and International Mutual Legal Assistance, Cyril has advised on all aspects of public law, including serious crimes such as murder, rape, serious and complex fraud and money laundering.

He has been a Senior Consultant of the firm since 2007.


Cyril has acted as Jersey’s Attorney General from time to time and has also acted on behalf of successive Attorneys General in the implementation of major regulatory and mutual assistance legislation in Jersey. He has been involved in high profile investigative and litigation work relating to asset recovery on behalf of governments worldwide.

He is one of Jersey’s four MONEYVAL assessors, trained to assess the AML/ CFT defences of countries across a wide international front. MONEYVAL is the Committee of Experts on the Evaluation of Anti-Money Laundering Measures and the Financing of Terrorism, an independent monitoring mechanism within the Council of Europe answerable directly to the Committee of Ministers.


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