Ed Shorrock speaks at ICSA Jersey Corporate Governance Conference 2014

Baker & Partner’s Director of Regulatory services, Ed Shorrock, will be addressing delegates on the 25 April 2014 at the Annual Institute for Chartered Secretaries and Administrators Corporate Governance Conference.

Although generally regarded as a good thing, corporate governance can be tricky to get just right. At one end of the scale, it can be seen as simply a tick box exercise that provides only superficial oversight; at the other end, slavishly adhering to a draconian list of pre-determined processes can sap morale and create barriers to innovation.

This half-day event aims to clarify what good, balanced governance looks like and the competitive advantages it can deliver to businesses in Jersey. It will examine some of the issues that can divert a company from achieving its goals and how a system of proportional governance can be the best defence during uncertain times.

Ed Shorrock will be speaking on the topic of “Managing shareholder demands: the great balancing act.” For directors, balancing short-term results against the long-term best interests of the company can be tricky. Financial, regulatory and public pressures are often at odds with each other. So what factors should directors use to guide them in their decision-making?

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