Stephen Baker Demonstrates Expertise on Panel at Global Anti-Corruption Conference

Stephen Baker, senior partner at Baker & Partners, was invited as a panelist to the International Bar Association (IBA)’s Annual Anti-Corruption conference, Paris, exploring how assets can be located, preserved and recovered in corruption cases.

The panel discussion centred on a fictional case with real-life applications, where an external contractor for a major project in a landlocked African state was shown to be corrupt. The discussion examined the logistics of government attempts to recover assets transferred offshore, especially when banks in multiple jurisdictions are involved.

IBA conferences are recognised by the global legal industry as world-class, providing professional development and network-building opportunities for international legal practitioners and professional associates. Panelists are selected because they are recognised as global experts in their field.

Stephen Baker commented:

“I was very pleased to be asked to speak at the IBA conference, and greatly enjoyed the opportunity to meet and discuss these important issues with the global legal community.  Corruption cases can be a legal minefield, especially when they occur at a cross-section between different states’ interests and legal systems, with money going out across several jurisdictions. Asset recovery is a challenging but rewarding area of the law, and it was an edifying experience to discuss these matters with leaders in the field.”

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