Stephen Baker to speak at Recovery of Proceeds of Grand Political Corruption in Ukraine, 16 Dec


Stephen Baker will speak at the Recovery of Proceeds of Grand Political Corruption in Ukraine on Friday 16th December. The event is the third annual asset recovery international Conference to be held by anti-corruption NGOs, the Anti-Corruption Action Centre and Transparency International Ukraine. The 2016 Conference will focus on topics surrounding best practices of asset recovery.

Stephen Baker will be joined by Jean-Pierre Brun, Senior Financial Specialist of World Bank, Stolen Asset Recovery Initiative (StAR), for a workshop which will cover issues concerning asset recovery including: how to recover assets from insolvent banks by submitting civil claims in various jurisdictions, what provisional measures are used in different jurisdictions to secure civil claims, and more.

Experts and practitioners will also provide insight into different national asset recovery practices. The session will take place as part of a series of workshops on 16th November, 15:00-18:30.

Register and see the full agenda here.


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