Criminal Prosecution & Defence

Members of our criminal team in Jersey have many decades of experience appearing in the most serious criminal cases, in Jersey and in England. They have unrivalled experience in the preparation and presentation of criminal cases, for prosecution or defence.


These high profile and highly sensitive cases need to be handled with the utmost care. Instructing a legal team with real experience is essential.


We have unmatched experience for prosecution and defence work in Jersey. We are often instructed by the Attorney General for the more serious prosecution cases.

Our work covers money laundering, regulatory, fraud, corruption, homicide and serious sexual and drug offences.

Our Services Include

  • Money laundering and regulatory offences.
  • Compliance with Notices to produce information.
  • Funds frozen by financial institutions.
  • Fraud and corruption offences.
  • Homicide, serious sexual offences and drug offences.

Why you should work with Baker & Partners

  • We have the most experienced advisers and advocates for criminal matters in Jersey.
  • Because we have worked for prosecution and defence we understand how to get the best results, including by appropriate discussions with the “other side”.
  • Our unrivalled advocacy experience means that if the matter comes to court your case will be presented in the most effective way.

Representative Work

  • We acted for the prosecution or defence in most of the recent murder cases in Jersey.
  • We were instructed by the Attorney General to advise on and pursue successful prosecutions of Jersey financial institutions for breaching AML regulations.
  • We advised and conducted the prosecutions for a historic child abuse investigation and regularly act in sex offence cases.

Very coordinated, knows the local courts very well and therefore sets itself the right targets for winning locally. Has excellent advocates and excellent research juniors. Has good leadership.

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