Regulatory Legal

The firm has decades of experience advising and representing in regulatory cases, in particular in relation to anti-money laundering matters.


In recent decades, many financial centres have introduced a large number of laws and rules to combat financial crime. They change all the time, and navigating them can be bewildering, for individuals and institutions. Because they are new and untested there can be serious doubt as to how they should be applied, and what the results should be.

Clients of financial institutions are finding access to their funds is suddenly frozen without explanation. Typically, this is because of concerns about the origin of their funds. How can they free up their money?


Baker & Partners have always been at the forefront of providing advice in this area. We have acted for regulators and the prosecution, as well as for individuals and financial businesses.

We know our way around the thicket of regulatory provisions, and can ensure you the best outcome.

We have had success in persuading institutions to unfreeze funds, by presenting evidence of the legitimacy of the funds.

Our Services Include

  • Advice and representation regarding the money laundering laws and regulations.
  • Regulatory investigations.
  • Freeing frozen funds.
  • Remedial action.
  • Sanctions advice.

Why you should work with Baker & Partners

  • We have a team of experienced lawyers who analyse the issues and produce a strategy to optimise the outcome.
  • We have the knowledge and experience to negotiate good settlements.
  • We have a sister business, Baker Regulatory, staffed with highly experienced law enforcement and compliance professionals who can assist with remediation, training, reviews and drafting policies and procedures.

Representative Work

  • We have acted for dozens of clients whose funds have been informally and indefinitely frozen by financial institutions because of money laundering concerns. Often this has occurred when the police have refused consent to transact.
  • We brought a judicial review on behalf of one such client. The court set out principles ss to when withholding police consent is disproportionate and unlawful.
  • We have acted for the Attorney General in prosecutions of major financial institutions for breaches of the money laundering regulations, leading to record fines.
  • We have advised many financial institutions in respect of allegations of regulatory breaches and sanctions issues.