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Baker & Partners celebrates milestone year

To mark 20 years of Baker & Partners, the firm have announced a commitment to invest £20,000 in local charitable causes.

Stephen Baker

This year, law firm Baker & Partners is celebrating its 20th anniversary. Founded in 2004, by Jersey Advocate Stephen Baker, the law firm has grown significantly since inception and now spans across four locations, employing over 50 people.

The last 12 months have seen Baker & Partners achieve significant milestones including new appointments and promotions and the move to become an LLP. The firm continues to act in the most high-profile cases.

To mark 20 years of Baker & Partners, the firm have announced a commitment to invest £20,000 in local charitable causes and community groups throughout the year.

To celebrate this milestone, Baker & Partners have launched the campaign ‘Practice Makes Perfect’ which showcases exceptional talent of individuals, many of whom have perfected their craft over many years. The campaign focuses on the years of hard work it takes to succeed in a chosen field. This includes concert pianist Georgina Sutton, artist Jason Butler, contemporary ballet company Ballet D’Jerri, executive chef Will Holland and chess master Yasmin Forbes.

Talking about the anniversary, Managing Partner at Baker & Partners, Stephen Baker commented:

“We are extremely proud of what we have achieved at Baker & Partners over the past 20 years and are incredibly grateful for the trust that has been instilled in us as a firm.  We felt it would be rather fitting to make a commitment to our local community to mark this significant milestone, which is why we are investing £20,000 in local charities and community groups over the year. As a firm, we are dedicated to making a positive contribution to the world around us.

Development of talent has always been an important focus for the firm. To coincide with our 20th year, we wanted to celebrate individuals that have dedicated hours to perfecting and honing their craft. Our Practice Makes Perfect campaign does just that. We know there is no shortcut to excellence, it takes years of hard work and dedication. We wouldn’t be where we are today without our team of dedicated professionals all committing to practising their craft, so wanted to help celebrate others that have done the same.

Thank you to all the individuals who have contributed their time to illustrate the true essence of Practice Makes Perfect.”

Education and social mobility underpin the firm’s CSR programme. Any charities looking to be considered as a recipient of this investment should contact Baker & Partners by emailing

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