Board Governance & Effectiveness Assessment

Our Governance & Board Effectiveness Assessment provides businesses with a detailed analysis of their effectiveness.


Penalties can be imposed rapidly, where it is deemed that corporate governance is ineffective with severe consequences for non-compliance including regulatory sanctions.


Our highly experienced Regulatory Team can assess the effectiveness of your corporate governance structure and Boards of Directors and produce an assessment for your business. This assessment will identify areas for improvement and best practice recommendations. This includes identifying the impact of your practices on your business and the steps needed to be taken to ensure a robust framework.

What is included in the Governance & Board Effectiveness Assessment

  • Review of corporate governance framework, including.
  • Terms of reference.
  • Record keeping – minutes and reporting packs.
  • Delegation of authorities.
  • Composition and robustness of Boards and Committees.
  • Effectiveness of individuals.

Your support, experience and guidance in helping us through being referred to enforcement was invaluable and contributed to a positive outcome, the Board have asked me to convey their appreciation.

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